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Upcoming Assets

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Here is an overview of the assets which are going to be created this month or later this year as well as some additional information to describe the context. I made the following concepts myself so the artist's work is yet to come to fill in the missing ones or to add detail.

Travelling merchants will visit your town from time to time and there are various types of them with special goods and prices. You would have to buy animals or crop seeds from them in order to start agriculture or animal husbandry.


Carts function to transport greater amounts of goods from one point to the other and will be relevant at a later stage of the game.


Waste management
If a dumpster is relevant is not yet decided but a Composter will help to generate natural fertilizer.


Another interesting procedure is to convert these feces into power and I will further investigate the possibility to add this to Endciv. But I assume it is (in real measurements) only efficient for a larger amount of animals or people which produce the required raw material.

Here is an interesting insight on Poo Power.

Water collectors
Water collectors like the image shows will help to maintain the water supply in the early game. The 3D model here is just a quick concept. Currently there is a small (2x2) and a medium (4x4) version planned.


Later on wells of different sizes can be constructed. I'd like to illustrate the full construction process in the game but this is a bit of work for the animation, but as the construction will take a couple of hours and days it shall be worth the effort.


At a workbench simple object can be assembled, such as tools, cartridges, cigarettes and other utilities.

A lathe is used to produce more complex mechanical and mostly metallic components. It has milling, drilling and bending machines and both electrical and manual elements. (When it has no electricity production is slower).

Can produce: Guns & Rifles, mechanical parts, cartridge-hulses, fastener

Workbench II (Fine mechanics)
A workbench used for fine work, it is more clean and organized than the others. It contains a number of fine tools (such as small screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, pens, fastener, cable), a soldering bolt and measuring tools (electronic measure, rulers, stencils).

Can produce: Microelectronic, electronically parts, lights, solar panels, generators and electronic tools.

Laboratory is used to produce synthetic products as well as to research. Appears more to be a meth laboratory than a school laboratory. Contains Distillery, blowtorch, small smelter and a number of substances (glasses or plastic bottles). Other content: glasses, buckets, tubes, pipes, pipettes, sprays, cans… Can produce: Chemicals, explosives, synthetic fertilizer, medication etc.

Drafting Table
Angled table with a stool used to draft and research technology.

Some sort of Kitchen or butchery table is planned but yet just conceptually.

Animal husbandry is an essential aspect for a thriving and big city.
Major: Chicken (eggs), Pigs, Cows (dairy products).
Secondary: Goats, Deer, Rabbits and Rats.

These secondary animals are conceptual and may turn out to be redundant.
To hold livestock there is the fences as well as Coops for small animals.

Eventually the size and freedom of the animal enclosures will affect certain aspects of gameplay. Maybe bad treatment let animals die earlier or affect productivity. It may also affects the image and satisfaction level of the town.

Dogs are not rated as livestock but can also be hold and breed. They are in fact halfway between animals and citizens regarding to behavior and parameters.



Solar panels and Wind power plants are going to be implemented at a later stage and research is required to produce them. There are more concepts then these for wind power plants. It is interesting how broken solar panel pieces can be put together as shown in this video.


The campfire is going to be updated as well and will come in two sizes.


Bury mechanic and makeshift graves will come soon as well.





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On 13.7.2016 at 0:17 PM, rosemarykw said:

Everything sounds good! Keep up the good work!

Thanks :)

New updates have been made already on Trello. When you visit the side you can open the "side menu" and see the latest updates. I am not going to post each of the smaller updates on the forum or elsewhere.



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