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Update 0.0.365

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Version 0.0.364 + Hotfix 0.0.365

It took about two weeks but I think there has been important improvements.
AI updates. Units can now claim resources which are then usually not taken by another friendly unit. This helps to improve the flow of logistics.

Updated workbench and production task. A bug has been solved where a unit was unable to craft items. It should now find resources autonomously and start a crafting task afterwards.

Job masking has been added to the Citizen Overview window. You can choose for each citizen between three jobs:
Labor: Gather resources and transport them
Construction: Construct and deconstruct buildings
Production: Crafting items
The labor job is always part of each citizen, but if it has another job it prioritizes those. So for instance if there are missing resources for a construction a constructor will also start to gather resources until there are enough resources available. Units also seek more jobs autonomously.


Zones can now be extended. In order to do that click on the “Add Area” button. Then click on the area which you want to extend. As the animation shows move the cursor to an edge of the area and click and hold your mouse to draw an extended area. Release the mouse to apply the extension. Zones have a limited size and appear red when they cannot be placed. In a future update overlapping objects will also be recognized which is currently not the case.


Bugfix: Viewing and dragging out resources of a storage caused a number of errors which should now be fixed. You can drag and drop an item out of the inventory list to the ground in order to pick it up by a unit.

The unit inventory has been updated and now contains a list for equipment. Equipment will not be removed when the unit clears its inventory to store resources. Equipment can be Tools, weapons and ammunition as well as nutrition and other usable items (which are yet to come). You can simply drag and drop items from one list to another.

Fastener can now be produced which are required for many constructions. Fastener are crafted quickly but cost one scrap each and you should always hold a number of those in stock. These values have to be evaluated but here are the current cost for a quadratic fence with one gate.

Size    Scrap    Wood    Fastener
5x5:      19          37           40
8x8:      31          61           64
12x12   47          93           96

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Hotfix 0.0.365c

Here is a quick update after some annoying bugs occurred.
This happens if you only test what you (think you) have changed. We will take more care now with testing.

Bed does no longer disappear after it was constructed. 
Fireplace does not cause people to sit around it and do nothing else. 
Production and Cooking Context menu (lower left corner) did not disappear. 

Notice: when there are no resources available then the cooking task and the production task will cause the executing citizen to be stuck in a loop. When this happens simply assign another task to the unit. We will add information when resources are missing for specific tasks or in general why tasks are aborted and the AI should take care of this more effectively.

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