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Savegames, your thoughts

When do you want Savegames?   4 votes

  1. 1. When do you want Savegames?

    • The earlier the better, even if they are buggy
    • Within Summer, basic data like buildings is enough
    • Only when savegames are very solid

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Savegames are a big topic and reasonably the most important feature for most of you. Initially savegames where scheduled at the end of summer or during fall. Actually Savegames are not very hard to implement but they just require a lot of testing and time to implement correctly. The biggest issue is the potential of follow up bugs caused by objects generated by stored data.

I would like to know what you expect from the early savegames so I can think about to implement this earlier. In fact it would help with development testing as well. Here is what would be a more simple implementation:

It would be possible to store all buildings, resources and the environment as well as the current status, like construction progress.
Units will keep their stats, resources and position, but the AI would get a reset.
Some data such as objects marked for gathering and other adjustments the player made might not be stored initially.

It could happen, especially for new content which comes with updates, that not all of the data is stored properly. Also it may happen that old savegames will no longer work properly with upcoming updates, but I would try to make these backwards compatible.

The next update comes tomorrow.

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Not everybody has the ability to sit down for hours at a time.

Sometimes you might start a game and have to leave within 10 minutes.  The ability to save a game is what I'm waiting for before I purchase the software.

I absolutely love the sound of this game, and I want to purchase it.

Bugs don't bug me too much as I'm always willing to look for workarounds.

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