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Further Updates - First Week

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Hello. I just released the next update.

One thing I guess the majority is waiting for are the Savegames. If I would add Savegames now then most likely Savegames wouldn't work anymore with upcoming updates and they are useless anyway. Therefore and because it is a lot more work to maintain I will simply continue to get rid of bugs, improve AI and add more content. Once there is a given value of progression Savegames will be added.

All of you who are waiting for this particular feature I have to say please wait and do not just buy the game to support me. For those of you who do I am very thankful but if you are not sure about the state of the game just keep watching. The price should not be the issue, Savegames will be added way before the price will be increased.

What I have to offer in exchange is the Cheat Code "God Mode" which I use in development. It allows me to place objects instantly without construction and I can alter some parameters in the game such as the needs of the Units and rain. Just don't become too used to it :) 
Mark the black text below to see how it works.

Here is the current Log of version 0.0.362:

A new version is now available. Some of the major AI bugs are about to be fixed with the next updates.

Version 0.0.362

Production Window improved and bugs have been solved. It should now show all information and not disappear anymore. It can also be moved around. Crafting and Cooking still has a few issues, these will be solved next.

Units don’t get stuck in constructions anymore, but still can be trapped.

Visited houses now remain open. Later on there will be various options for this behavior.

Shanty Shack, the one of the screenshots, can now be build.

Placeholder boxes now have textures.

Empty inventory: Select one or more units and Right-Click on a Storage to store their resources.

Added Texture quality to settings, use these to reduce graphic glitches.

Fixed issues of the Construction Menu and added missing images

Dead Animals no longer talk. 

Camera scrolling was deactivated at the “Interaction and construction” menu on the lower right corner.

“Inventory empty” appears if nothing is in an inventory such as those of the citizens. Also the fill bar of the unit’s inventory updates now.

Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit (though temperature doesn’t matter yet)

Units prefer their current job and do not run to the same resource pile anymore.

Animals do no longer use the toilet and citizens prefer toilets over the wild.

Residential houses contain a few random elements. 

Cheat "God Mode" added for testing purposes. Open the console (End-Key) and type in God_Mode_On or God_Mode_Off to disable it. This can be useful to bypass the lack of Savegames.

A few other improvements.


Ability to demolish buildings.

AI updates.

Fence construction tool.

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The update has been released today.

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Recently I have been working on the Fence Tool. One big issue with this system was the navigation island system. In order to calculate the path of a unit I compare the IDs of the origin and the target and if both don't match I can be sure that there is no possible path. If you watch the clip below then you see the differently colored areas which are generated if an area becomes isolated. The issue with doors was that these islands can be connected with what I call portals. Sorry for the bad quality of the gif. I like to use GifCam but it doesn't seem to work with bigger videos. Also note that the fences have to be constructed, I just use the GodMode in the video.


Its all pretty simple in fact but just a little of work. The portals have been created and I only have to make a graph which will tell me if two islands are connected with one or more portals. The cool thing about this is that each portal (doors, bridges, ramps or the like) can have individual rules for which unit can pass. For instance the doors you create for the fences will prevent animals from trespassing, but humans can just open the door and walk through. You might also lock a door and prevent enemies from opening it, but they could breach through.

In fact these fences are very small and a dog could just jump over it but that would make things more difficult. I will think about this feature once combat and enemies will be implemented. Because having a simple fence and humans can't pass them would be very lame. Especially because this is the idea behind progression. There will be different kinds of fences and structures in general and bigger walls help to prevent bigger dangers.

Here is a garden with placeholder fence models. Once I made textured models I will make a new update.


Grid data and future development

Another thing I wanted to point out is that in future development the pass-ability rules will change. Currently you place an object and it instantly prevents you from walking through. Especially once enemies play a rule this mechanic can't stay. As I mentioned for the fences there already is a value which tells me how high an object is. So while an object is constructed I could change the value and height of each cell of the object so that it fits the visual representation. Especially if you have watched the Shanty Shack process it is very bad that you can't walk through an empty place. I already have an idea where I would tell each cell at which point of the construction process it should have which value.

If you are curious there are several values for each grid cell and most of them depend on height. The tactically important once are:

Mobility If I can walk through or have to jump over it.
Cover If I can/should hide behind the object and if it protects me from bullets or melee attacks.
Visibility If I can be visible at the given height behind the object.

The fence for instance has a value of 2 for each of those and is about one meter in height. If a dog would walk behind a fence it couldn't be seen as it is smaller than the fence. But if a human would walk behind it would be visible, unless he would cower. Here are a few illustrations from the GameDesign Document.



Another image of how this looks with a house. With our AssetEditor I can paint in each cell and give it information like this.


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Looks good, can't wait for the next update! Hope it's coming soon!

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