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Update 0.0.361

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A new version is now available and should prevent some heavy issues. 


Version 0.0.361 

Loading Crash solved. One issue where the game doesn’t load beyond 50% was fixed. 

Speed of Units has been increased by 50%. 

Digestion time has been extended which results in less defecation. 

Added UI-Scale to Game Settings, useful for 4k displays. 

Game speed buttons have been updated to Normal, Fast, Faster. Slow-Motion was removed. 

Removed deer from the game temporarily because they are too buggy and not relevant. 

Updated Townbar on the top left screen and added Tooltips. 

Removed Save button to prevent confusion, there are no savegames yet. 

A move order towards fog of war is more likely to be executed. 

Added hint that you should restart the game if you encounter graphical errors. 

Some spelling correction. 


Ability to demolish buildings. 

Many AI updates. 

Fix the Production window error.

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