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  1. Welcome to the community!

    Welcome everybody and thanks for being interested in the development of Endciv. Also most likely you have voted for the game at Greenlight which was a terrific experience. The forum just started and I need some time to describe and write all the details for you. Meanwhile you can look around in the open sections and may start some discussion. You can start with general Endciv topics or look at the suggestions and ideas section. Also you should have a look at the development Roadmap to get a better idea of the scope of the game. Of course this requires some further explanation which we will add within the next weeks. Have fun! The game is coming soon 
  2. Info

    Allgemein richten wir uns zwar erstmal an die internationale Community, aber dieser Bereich soll für Diejenigen sein die Probleme mit der englishen Sprache haben bzw. sich einfacher über das Spiel unterhalten wollen. Wenn Ihr also Fragen zum Spiel habt aber mit der englishen Version nicht klarkommt dann fragt in diesem Forenabschnitt. Übersetzungen können hier ebenfalls angeboten oder diskutiert werden. Das Spiel soll zwar natürlich auch in Deutsch erscheinen, aber gerade am Anfang wird vieles nur auf English verfügbar sein. Viel Spaß!
  3. Read first!

    There is a FAQ section already, please have a look first before you post here. This section is a bit like Reddit so you can vote for or against topics and posts within it and higher ranked posts will appear on top. This can be used if you agree with or want to support a certain idea as well as to express that you don't like an idea. Voting is private (I guess). 
  4. Read first!

    Linux builds are currently not primarily supported. We will look out for testers soon, stay tuned.
  5. Read first!

    Mac builds are currently not primarily supported. We will look out for testers soon, stay tuned. Known Issues: Retina display Mac in general displays the game differently as it is intended. If you play the game you should deactivate any scaling options of your Mac system. Read more about this here and set your screen to "More Space". Apart from that the overall graphics can appear blurry or unsharp. We will deal with these issues once we are able to run tests on Mac-Systems.