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  1. Endciv bundles

    Hey folks. In the background I silently prepare the release for Endciv and the question to what we may offer in addition to the game seems to be solved. There are various reasons why we want to do that and one thing up front, the extra effort is a win-win situation in the end. So here is the plan: On our website there will be special offers which can be seen as bundles or rewards. Most of those contain a physical good and include worldwide shipping at very fair prices. You can also choose either to receive a Steam Key or a DRM-free version. Endciv Early Access shall start at $19.99 / 18.99€ / £14.99. This price can increase during development. Bundles In addition we will sell bundles on our website at fixed US-Dollar prices. The first bundle would start at $22 and you would receive an exclusive two-sided print which you can choose out of a few motives! In addition there might be little digital goods as well for all Supporters. Please keep in mind that this offer relies on a number of factors but demonstrates the range. Now you got an idea and I would like to collect some opinions. Which stuff do you like to have? What is your opinion on them? Another bundle could contain a T-Shirt for example. Retail experience While digital versions are convenient some people do prefer physical goods. Especially the often missing and doomed Handbook or an overview print such as a Tech-Tree could be interesting for some people. Of course these kind of things could only be finished and shipped at the end of core development, which you have to expect to be 1 or 2 years. Another thing could be a digital and printed book. That book would be filled with art and development insights and would be the end of the spectrum of a special supporter pack. Would somebody be explicitly interested in such a thing? Exclusive print (preview illustration) Clothing ideas Mugs