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  1. This month was all about preparation of the Early Access version. After Greenlight I had to deal with Steam and figure out how everything works. In addition I made the new website and this forum. One of the first things after Greenlight turned out nicely and reading the comments of you we discussed what we want to include in the Early Access version. Important is that you can get a basic impression of the scope of the game. While there are a lot of things missing or simplified we think that we can showcase all important aspects of the game. Despite early assumptions we will implement other citizen models in the game which include female characters as well. Currently I do their animations. They are a bit stiff and strange but its better than having the dummy models and lack of animations for those. Still these models are not final and they will be totally recreated later. I have a simple but efficient modular system in mind which will provide a variety of models and which is easy to scale. We worked on the buildings in general as well. Houses now have to be discovered before their interior can be seen and will automatically reveal (roof and walls disappear) when units walk in.       Also on the list is the lot template system. Think of The Sims. We can design a lot in an editor and place a structure and fill it with indoor and outdoor objects. Then the world generation script will place these templates on the map when the map is generated. The improvement of this system is that you will be able to use these abandoned houses as a shelter early on and that we can place individual objects inside which can be used or scavenged. Below is an image of the AssetEditor and a concept of how the world can look like.                 The issue still is that we have a lack of content. So for the early versions you have to deal with just one house model  But we will try to add some variety with objects and eventually textures. Update 1 - Feb 27 We worked on hunting and now it is possible (again) to kill animals and humans. Here are my thoughts on hunting: You will hunt wild animals, currently there are dogs and deer. Especially deer will walk away from you if you come too close. Once a shot or other alarming sounds happen animals will flee. So you basically only have one chance at a time. I am not sure about dogs yet. At least later on they might attack you so it wouldn't be a good idea to hunt dogs. Due to the shy animals you can only hunt with a gun. Each shot costs a bullet and after a while you will run out of bullets. We want to demonstrate early in the game how all actions in the game are connected to the economy and this is why trading is important. But this also will lead to an individual style of play. If you find or produce items and resources then you can either use them or trade them to get what you need, such as food.   Another improvement is the template system. I worked a bit on it and added a new fence model for testing. And yep the atmosphere increased. Once we got a bunch of objects I think the town will look great with all the individual houses.       Another thing we will add for the Early Access version is the context menu. Its design is yet to be defined but here is a first draft.