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  1. Buglist

    Hello, maybe you know this bugs already. Also I tell you some. Here is a little list of bugs I found.   - Settlers have an full inventory and are thirsty, so they try to pick up water. But they cant because of the full inventory. In the End they die. - Actions of the settlers (drinking) interrupt your Orders. -There is a bug, which doesnt let you gather the whole natural ressources (for example a box or a scrap heap). Also you cant cancel the gathering of this. - The workbench dont shows the menu the whole game. - If you want to build a structure, sometimes you build it while choosing it, at a place you dont want.   I hope it helps to improve the game faster.
  2. This is a Bug Report

    Under the settings menu - screen resolution scroll speed with the mouse wheel is very slow. I suggest speeding it up a bit. - Setting in game doesn't work except for screen res. and shadows. Under the user guide - Management - 2nd paragraph - 5th word is 'use d', but should be 'used'. - 2nd paragraph, last sentence should read 'haven't *built* a toilet'.   FIRST TIME BOOTING THE GAME UP - Game - tool tips are white boxes, no info. Just has the place holder picture icon (the letter and numbers that fill a corner of what should be a square or rectangle) Ground glitches when the screen is "W, A, S, D'ed' in a certain location. is either normal or it gray/sandy look. Characters bodies are blacked out except for the head. Hovering over the 'survivors' makes the ground turn shades of yellow or blue. Hard to see character skills, should be larger and more crisp Raining white boxes for some reason Most of the art (if there is art to begin with) is not showing up, just placeholder boxes.   SECOND TIME BOOTING THE GAME UP - All issues resolved from the first boot. Not sure how it fixed itself.