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  1. Buglist

    You gather the last scrap and then there is grey icon (48px icon). This one cant gathered but the settler go on with trying to gather it. I will post a screenshoot.
  2. Buglist

    Hello, maybe you know this bugs already. Also I tell you some. Here is a little list of bugs I found.   - Settlers have an full inventory and are thirsty, so they try to pick up water. But they cant because of the full inventory. In the End they die. - Actions of the settlers (drinking) interrupt your Orders. -There is a bug, which doesnt let you gather the whole natural ressources (for example a box or a scrap heap). Also you cant cancel the gathering of this. - The workbench dont shows the menu the whole game. - If you want to build a structure, sometimes you build it while choosing it, at a place you dont want.   I hope it helps to improve the game faster.