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  1. Crash

    Two new crash reports if that can help (Wasn't able to do anything this time, crashed immediately after my citizen did their first 3 steps).
  2. Crash

    No problem, will keep you unpdate
  3. Crash

    Hey guys, Hey guys, I won't be able to beta test it a lot, apparently the game doesn't like my computer... First launch: By default options 3 citizen Big map Medium ressources -> Crash saying it try to put a lower resolution than 1024*768 but that this resolution doesn't exist (sorry didn't copy the exact message) Tried to reproduce it only after my 3 other crashes, didn't suceed, but game crashed as it did the 3 previous times   Then try with: No FXAA Shadow Quality: Off No Bloom By default starting options -> Crash as soon as I give order to people (gather to all of them, twice crashed when one guy finish gathering, once when second starting) with message of crash file created (attached) Reproductibility 3/3 Here's my Dxdiag too. DxDiag.txt