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  1. Welcome to the community!

    Just wanted to say I can understand your desire to not wait, I'm 52 and really don't want to wait either, lol.
  2. A teamspeak buddy told me about this game so had a look and wanted to give some best wishes.  There seems to be a long way to go and what will set this apart from similar games is to be seen, other than the stated wasteland setting. What I would also like to play is a multi-player version but that brings with it all sorts of problems. I could see a version with elements of savaging things found to be used or sold to other players on a trading station. Like a top down version of all the zombie games, rust etc... (without zombies) with an economy. Sort of like what the concept of Diablo3 was suppose to be but didn't work. Find cool things, make cool things, buy and sell cool things, maybe control NPC players, have a base that can not be wiped out in a minute after a week of work (like Stronghold Kingdoms), make friends or fight other players, etc... so many things. I would be willing to pay for stuff that is not to pay to win, cosmetic stuff etc.. Warframe is a good example of that. Anyway, look forward to watching this game develop however it goes and will tell others about it. Regards Rob, AKA OldWarDog