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  1. Endciv dead ?

    The dev of endciv is dead ? Or do you have a trouble ?
  2. Ideas for EndCiv

    Hi ! I Have some Ideas for futur adds in EndCiv   -Restoration of destroyed houses to live in the new house , -Event, for example : Attack , illness or other ^^ -Have pets for example dogs to help us in our adventure to find various objects -Workshop to improve or create various objects -Customization of characters with clothing, weapons and a lot of objects.... have a good day ^^ and sorry for my bad english im french  
  3. Ideas for EndCiv

    Thanks Nico
  4. New Logo, what do you say?

    yeah nice ^^
  5. Ideas for EndCiv

    Thank you for your reply Just a question : A beta test is planned ? ^^   You really did a great job , you have my full support ^^
  6. February - Early Access preperation

    looking really good ^^ I can't wait
  7. New Logo, what do you say?

    The third is really good <3 ^^