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  1. Initial Release Information!

    Sounds nice waiting now till thursday..  
  2. Initial Release Information!

    What about the memory? How large is the game file?
  3. Initial Release Information!

    Waiting for the release now
  4. Game translation

    Thats nice  I will translate into german.
  5. Game translation

    I know that there are people who don't unterstand the english language  so well. So I thought that some guys of the community could help to translate the game into other languages. I know that the devs said that they want a professional translation, but for that we have to wait and many players won't understand the game. So I thought there could be some guys who want to translate the game as a mod. Would ne nice if we find some guys who wants to help out.   Do u guys think it is a good idea? Or do I waste my time?
  6. Ideas for EndCiv

    Maybe I can read your thoughts? Or I am really clever and working for the NSA  I guess I just wrote down some ideas. So it was coincidence that you guys had the same ideas hehe
  7. Ideas for EndCiv

    Got some ideas too -Walls for defense like middle age walls with gates and towers -Maybe the military faction. There could be some alive, I mean u survived the apocalypse, why shouldn´t there any soldiers trying to controll there own country -Plagues and mental diseases (some civilians could be going crazy, if u don´t help them) -Storms (Sandstorms at example, so you need to clean the solar panels) -Indipendent houseowners which stayed in their houses ( could be aggressive to strangers) -Buildings which are built needs to be repaired after some time, when you use it. Items too. -Herbalfields and you need skilled civs for making meds of these. Some Ideas by me  
  8. Endciv bundles

    Maybe you offer these features later in the game devolopment. This can wait till the game is published.
  9. Endciv bundles

    First question: When is the realease of the game? I cant wait. I am not a fan of these Merchandise. Ich would prefer digital goods. Like a digital Artwork book and Soundtracks which are used in the game. I don't know if Eyello mentioned it before, but Guides and these stuff would be very nice. The T-Shirts and the other stuff is cool, but I wouldn't buy it. I will buy the game and digital content. 
  10. Welcome to the community!

    Maybe. The devs said that the "story" is coming with the events which happen in the game. We will see it in the game. A story would be cool, as a leader or sth like that. But we will see how it goes.
  11. February - Early Access preperation

    Waiting for the announcment too. The last info was at the end of march till april.
  12. Ideas for EndCiv

    The game will be realesed in an alpha status as early Access game. So I don´t think there will be a beta test
  13. Welcome to the community!

    Fred do you know that the game is not a story based game? There is not a story. I don´t know if something is planned, but it is all about to survive and build.
  14. FAQ

    Perks? Was sollen das denn genau sein? Hört sich nach DLC´s an. Was sollen diese denn genau bringen oder wird das mit Release erklärt? Oder bin ich grade einfach nur verwirrt..