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  1. Development in Fall

    Another small update was made. It contains an Engine Update.  Some Terrain Textures have improved and the Credits screen works again. Also an alternative Steam version was provided where you can load the previous game version whenever something went wrong with an update. In order to do that open the Settings page of a game (right click in the Library -> Settings) and then in the "Betas" tab select the Version you want. Make sure to restore to "NONE" if you want to be up to date.
  2. Development in Fall

    As you may know the Savegame system is still in development but it is a bigger task and some more features are of equal and even higher importance. I am going to add a wider range of features during fall. Also I will make use of dummy models and graphics more frequently now until they are replaced. I just try to avoid simple grey boxes and such. One of those is a roaming merchant. The issue with it is that the path finding system does not yet support formations so I have to find a simple but solid way to let the merchant walk next to the cart. It is not as easy as it may sound.           Another improvement which has just been made is the optimized pathfinding. This was on the list for a long while and now works great. The units in the game will now walk mostly in straight lines. Another update which is planned soon is animal husbandry. We will start with small animals which can be hold in hutches. These collective hutches have 4 stages and each stage has space for a specific amount of animals. Animals which shall be available are rabbits and chicken. Chicken obviously lay eggs as well. The animals can be bought from the merchant.
  3. Development in Fall

    An update is on the way I just have to deal with some more issues. But here are a few images of what you can expect. Aside from those a number of bugs where fixed and demolishing objects does work well now. The construction Tooltip has improved. The top white number shows what is already available. The orange number below shows which resources are still missing. The number on the top right shows the remaining minutes in game time but does not take into account multiple workers at once. I will see how this can be solved later on. The Exclamation mark shows issues to tell you when something can't be executed for instance.   The job panel has changed so that you can assign up to 3 jobs for one person. An "Anything" option might be good, too. Cows and merchants are in the making and are to be expected later this year. I will also continue on the Savegames after the next update.
  4. Problem with drinking

    Thank you this is a known issue and will be addressed for the next update.
  5. Development in Fall

    A lot of things have changed in the last weeks. Cows have been implemented and are about to be finished. But before they are available to you I have to complete the roaming merchant so that you can actually trade. This is the only direct way you can get seeds and animals from. I currently improve the grid system. You might noticed that when you place fences the game lacks and I hope that this can be improved a lot by deferring the update process and batch update the grid. The AI will use objects more efficient and should no longer carry around objects which they don't need. Therefore the inventory, except the equipment, will always be empty unless the objects belong to a job. A bug where the AI is stuck at picking up objects shall be fixed. The Job system has changed so that you can define up to 3 jobs for each citizen with decreasing priority. A citizen can also be assigned to do just anything. I am going to wrap up the implementations so that I can finally make an overdue update. Due to the changes and bug fixes the game has to be tested first. Now here are some of the tasks for the coming months: The production system will be optimized. It is a tedious task to issue each item which has to be produced individually especially when the city grows. There will be a replacement for that where you can define globally which items have to be produced with advanced options. Same goes for the cooking process. The current mechanic is a placeholder and the goal is that the citizens will cook for themselves. Your control should be which items and nutrition shall be preferred or not be consumed. When Savegames will come is not clear. Each new feature requires additional work for the Savegame and I want to make it working for the most relevant features. I will assess the Savegame Feature after the current Todo list is done. I am aware that it is of increasing importance with each update. I'd like to have it before Christmas but this is a risky promise
  6. Savegames, your thoughts

    Savegames are a big topic and reasonably the most important feature for most of you. Initially savegames where scheduled at the end of summer or during fall. Actually Savegames are not very hard to implement but they just require a lot of testing and time to implement correctly. The biggest issue is the potential of follow up bugs caused by objects generated by stored data. I would like to know what you expect from the early savegames so I can think about to implement this earlier. In fact it would help with development testing as well. Here is what would be a more simple implementation: It would be possible to store all buildings, resources and the environment as well as the current status, like construction progress. Units will keep their stats, resources and position, but the AI would get a reset. Some data such as objects marked for gathering and other adjustments the player made might not be stored initially. It could happen, especially for new content which comes with updates, that not all of the data is stored properly. Also it may happen that old savegames will no longer work properly with upcoming updates, but I would try to make these backwards compatible. The next update comes tomorrow.
  7. Upcoming Assets

    Thanks New updates have been made already on Trello. When you visit the side you can open the "side menu" and see the latest updates. I am not going to post each of the smaller updates on the forum or elsewhere.
  8. Upcoming Assets

    Here is an overview of the assets which are going to be created this month or later this year as well as some additional information to describe the context. I made the following concepts myself so the artist's work is yet to come to fill in the missing ones or to add detail. Merchants Travelling merchants will visit your town from time to time and there are various types of them with special goods and prices. You would have to buy animals or crop seeds from them in order to start agriculture or animal husbandry. Carts Carts function to transport greater amounts of goods from one point to the other and will be relevant at a later stage of the game. Waste management If a dumpster is relevant is not yet decided but a Composter will help to generate natural fertilizer. Another interesting procedure is to convert these feces into power and I will further investigate the possibility to add this to Endciv. But I assume it is (in real measurements) only efficient for a larger amount of animals or people which produce the required raw material. Here is an interesting insight on Poo Power. Water collectors Water collectors like the image shows will help to maintain the water supply in the early game. The 3D model here is just a quick concept. Currently there is a small (2x2) and a medium (4x4) version planned. Wells Later on wells of different sizes can be constructed. I'd like to illustrate the full construction process in the game but this is a bit of work for the animation, but as the construction will take a couple of hours and days it shall be worth the effort.   Workbench At a workbench simple object can be assembled, such as tools, cartridges, cigarettes and other utilities. Lathe A lathe is used to produce more complex mechanical and mostly metallic components. It has milling, drilling and bending machines and both electrical and manual elements. (When it has no electricity production is slower). Can produce: Guns & Rifles, mechanical parts, cartridge-hulses, fastener Workbench II (Fine mechanics) A workbench used for fine work, it is more clean and organized than the others. It contains a number of fine tools (such as small screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, pens, fastener, cable), a soldering bolt and measuring tools (electronic measure, rulers, stencils). Can produce: Microelectronic, electronically parts, lights, solar panels, generators and electronic tools. Laboratory Laboratory is used to produce synthetic products as well as to research. Appears more to be a meth laboratory than a school laboratory. Contains Distillery, blowtorch, small smelter and a number of substances (glasses or plastic bottles). Other content: glasses, buckets, tubes, pipes, pipettes, sprays, cans… Can produce: Chemicals, explosives, synthetic fertilizer, medication etc. Drafting Table Angled table with a stool used to draft and research technology. Kitchen Some sort of Kitchen or butchery table is planned but yet just conceptually. Livestock Animal husbandry is an essential aspect for a thriving and big city. Major: Chicken (eggs), Pigs, Cows (dairy products). Secondary: Goats, Deer, Rabbits and Rats. These secondary animals are conceptual and may turn out to be redundant. To hold livestock there is the fences as well as Coops for small animals. Eventually the size and freedom of the animal enclosures will affect certain aspects of gameplay. Maybe bad treatment let animals die earlier or affect productivity. It may also affects the image and satisfaction level of the town. Dogs are not rated as livestock but can also be hold and breed. They are in fact halfway between animals and citizens regarding to behavior and parameters.   Electricity Solar panels and Wind power plants are going to be implemented at a later stage and research is required to produce them. There are more concepts then these for wind power plants. It is interesting how broken solar panel pieces can be put together as shown in this video. The campfire is going to be updated as well and will come in two sizes. Bury mechanic and makeshift graves will come soon as well.      
  9. Working in the background

    As it was mentioned on the Steam Community; the last month was mostly about maintenance work and preparing for more content and updates. Artists have been briefed and are about to produce a number of new assets within the next few months which are listed up here. Also the Save system is currently in development and this is a rather complex task. Either it will work just fine or lead to a number of follow up issues. Therefore I can not give an exact date for it's release.There will be at least one smaller update this month but more depends on the outcome of the current tasks.
  10. Update 0.0.365

    Changelog Version 0.0.364 + Hotfix 0.0.365 It took about two weeks but I think there has been important improvements. AI updates. Units can now claim resources which are then usually not taken by another friendly unit. This helps to improve the flow of logistics. Updated workbench and production task. A bug has been solved where a unit was unable to craft items. It should now find resources autonomously and start a crafting task afterwards. Job masking has been added to the Citizen Overview window. You can choose for each citizen between three jobs: Labor: Gather resources and transport them Construction: Construct and deconstruct buildings Production: Crafting items The labor job is always part of each citizen, but if it has another job it prioritizes those. So for instance if there are missing resources for a construction a constructor will also start to gather resources until there are enough resources available. Units also seek more jobs autonomously. Zones can now be extended. In order to do that click on the “Add Area” button. Then click on the area which you want to extend. As the animation shows move the cursor to an edge of the area and click and hold your mouse to draw an extended area. Release the mouse to apply the extension. Zones have a limited size and appear red when they cannot be placed. In a future update overlapping objects will also be recognized which is currently not the case. Bugfix: Viewing and dragging out resources of a storage caused a number of errors which should now be fixed. You can drag and drop an item out of the inventory list to the ground in order to pick it up by a unit. The unit inventory has been updated and now contains a list for equipment. Equipment will not be removed when the unit clears its inventory to store resources. Equipment can be Tools, weapons and ammunition as well as nutrition and other usable items (which are yet to come). You can simply drag and drop items from one list to another. Fastener can now be produced which are required for many constructions. Fastener are crafted quickly but cost one scrap each and you should always hold a number of those in stock. These values have to be evaluated but here are the current cost for a quadratic fence with one gate. Size    Scrap    Wood    Fastener 5x5:      19          37           40 8x8:      31          61           64 12x12   47          93           96
  11. Update 0.0.365

    Hotfix 0.0.365c Here is a quick update after some annoying bugs occurred. This happens if you only test what you (think you) have changed. We will take more care now with testing. Bed does no longer disappear after it was constructed.  Fireplace does not cause people to sit around it and do nothing else.  Production and Cooking Context menu (lower left corner) did not disappear.  Notice: when there are no resources available then the cooking task and the production task will cause the executing citizen to be stuck in a loop. When this happens simply assign another task to the unit. We will add information when resources are missing for specific tasks or in general why tasks are aborted and the AI should take care of this more effectively.
  12. Camp fire box sticking

    Thank you I will take a look at this soon!
  13. Hello. I just released the next update. One thing I guess the majority is waiting for are the Savegames. If I would add Savegames now then most likely Savegames wouldn't work anymore with upcoming updates and they are useless anyway. Therefore and because it is a lot more work to maintain I will simply continue to get rid of bugs, improve AI and add more content. Once there is a given value of progression Savegames will be added. All of you who are waiting for this particular feature I have to say please wait and do not just buy the game to support me. For those of you who do I am very thankful but if you are not sure about the state of the game just keep watching. The price should not be the issue, Savegames will be added way before the price will be increased. What I have to offer in exchange is the Cheat Code "God Mode" which I use in development. It allows me to place objects instantly without construction and I can alter some parameters in the game such as the needs of the Units and rain. Just don't become too used to it   Mark the black text below to see how it works. Here is the current Log of version 0.0.362: A new version is now available. Some of the major AI bugs are about to be fixed with the next updates. Changelog Version 0.0.362 Production Window improved and bugs have been solved. It should now show all information and not disappear anymore. It can also be moved around. Crafting and Cooking still has a few issues, these will be solved next. Units don’t get stuck in constructions anymore, but still can be trapped. Visited houses now remain open. Later on there will be various options for this behavior. Shanty Shack, the one of the screenshots, can now be build. Placeholder boxes now have textures. Empty inventory: Select one or more units and Right-Click on a Storage to store their resources. Added Texture quality to settings, use these to reduce graphic glitches. Fixed issues of the Construction Menu and added missing images Dead Animals no longer talk.  Camera scrolling was deactivated at the “Interaction and construction” menu on the lower right corner. “Inventory empty” appears if nothing is in an inventory such as those of the citizens. Also the fill bar of the unit’s inventory updates now. Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit (though temperature doesn’t matter yet) Units prefer their current job and do not run to the same resource pile anymore. Animals do no longer use the toilet and citizens prefer toilets over the wild. Residential houses contain a few random elements.  Cheat "God Mode" added for testing purposes. Open the console (End-Key) and type in God_Mode_On or God_Mode_Off to disable it. This can be useful to bypass the lack of Savegames. A few other improvements. Upcoming Ability to demolish buildings. AI updates. Fence construction tool.
  14. Further Updates - First Week

    Recently I have been working on the Fence Tool. One big issue with this system was the navigation island system. In order to calculate the path of a unit I compare the IDs of the origin and the target and if both don't match I can be sure that there is no possible path. If you watch the clip below then you see the differently colored areas which are generated if an area becomes isolated. The issue with doors was that these islands can be connected with what I call portals. Sorry for the bad quality of the gif. I like to use GifCam but it doesn't seem to work with bigger videos. Also note that the fences have to be constructed, I just use the GodMode in the video. Its all pretty simple in fact but just a little of work. The portals have been created and I only have to make a graph which will tell me if two islands are connected with one or more portals. The cool thing about this is that each portal (doors, bridges, ramps or the like) can have individual rules for which unit can pass. For instance the doors you create for the fences will prevent animals from trespassing, but humans can just open the door and walk through. You might also lock a door and prevent enemies from opening it, but they could breach through. In fact these fences are very small and a dog could just jump over it but that would make things more difficult. I will think about this feature once combat and enemies will be implemented. Because having a simple fence and humans can't pass them would be very lame. Especially because this is the idea behind progression. There will be different kinds of fences and structures in general and bigger walls help to prevent bigger dangers. Here is a garden with placeholder fence models. Once I made textured models I will make a new update. Grid data and future development Another thing I wanted to point out is that in future development the pass-ability rules will change. Currently you place an object and it instantly prevents you from walking through. Especially once enemies play a rule this mechanic can't stay. As I mentioned for the fences there already is a value which tells me how high an object is. So while an object is constructed I could change the value and height of each cell of the object so that it fits the visual representation. Especially if you have watched the Shanty Shack process it is very bad that you can't walk through an empty place. I already have an idea where I would tell each cell at which point of the construction process it should have which value. If you are curious there are several values for each grid cell and most of them depend on height. The tactically important once are: Mobility If I can walk through or have to jump over it. Cover If I can/should hide behind the object and if it protects me from bullets or melee attacks. Visibility If I can be visible at the given height behind the object. The fence for instance has a value of 2 for each of those and is about one meter in height. If a dog would walk behind a fence it couldn't be seen as it is smaller than the fence. But if a human would walk behind it would be visible, unless he would cower. Here are a few illustrations from the GameDesign Document. Another image of how this looks with a house. With our AssetEditor I can paint in each cell and give it information like this.
  15. Crash

    Thank you. It seems to be an issue with your graphics device. Do you have an up to date driver? Please remove your current and reinstall the latest nvidia driver. Alternatively may try very low settings, a texture quality option has been added. Also your RAM is rather full. Could you close some applications to have more space left?
  16. Further Updates - First Week

    The update has been released today.
  17. Bugs/Frage/Hilfe

    @heileIch habe dir eine Nachricht geschickt. Nein, ein Updatesystem existiert (noch) nicht. Du müsstest die letzte Version von der Webseite laden. Aus diesem und anderen Gründen habe ich diese Angebote erst mal entfernt. Die aktuelle Steam-Version ist auch DRM-Frei, das könnte sihc nur später ändern.
  18. Update 0.0.361

    A new version is now available and should prevent some heavy issues.    Changelog Version 0.0.361  Loading Crash solved. One issue where the game doesn’t load beyond 50% was fixed.  Speed of Units has been increased by 50%.  Digestion time has been extended which results in less defecation.  Added UI-Scale to Game Settings, useful for 4k displays.  Game speed buttons have been updated to Normal, Fast, Faster. Slow-Motion was removed.  Removed deer from the game temporarily because they are too buggy and not relevant.  Updated Townbar on the top left screen and added Tooltips.  Removed Save button to prevent confusion, there are no savegames yet.  A move order towards fog of war is more likely to be executed.  Added hint that you should restart the game if you encounter graphical errors.  Some spelling correction.    Upcoming Ability to demolish buildings.  Many AI updates.  Fix the Production window error.
  19. Crash

    I will tomorrow try out other versions of the Engine and maybe it can solve your issue such as others. Sorry so far, maybe the last update helps, but I doubt it.
  20. load screen

    It should be fixed now. See Changes.
  21. Buglist

    I haven't noticed this yet, I will take a look soon. I know about the annoying gathering system. It is more comfortable if you use the Gather Tool from the Orders menu. Then the order is permanent until all resources are gathered. With this tool and holding down shift you can also remove the order. With that tool you can also draw a rectangle to select multiple piles.
  22. Buglist

    Can you explain this? So a pile doesn't disappear even when anything was gathered? You can remove the order by holding down Shift and use the Gathering order tool.
  23. load screen

    Alright I assumed this, this should be fixed with the next update in a few hours.
  24. This is a Bug Report

    Thanks for the Info. It occurred to many people and a restart seems to solve it most of the time. The next update will contain information to restart. Scroll speed for the menu will be increased. New update comes in a few hours with some other fixes.
  25. Graphic Issues: Try to restart

    A number of people had graphical errors which are wrong textures and missing images. If this happens to you then each time you make adjustments to the Graphic Settings or when you start the game for the first time you have to restart it. If this still doesn't solve your issue then please let me know. For instance you can send an email at admin@endciv.de and include your system details.