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  2. Endciv dead ?

    The dev of endciv is dead ? Or do you have a trouble ?
  3. Development in Fall

    Another small update was made. It contains an Engine Update.  Some Terrain Textures have improved and the Credits screen works again. Also an alternative Steam version was provided where you can load the previous game version whenever something went wrong with an update. In order to do that open the Settings page of a game (right click in the Library -> Settings) and then in the "Betas" tab select the Version you want. Make sure to restore to "NONE" if you want to be up to date.
  4. Development in Fall

    An update is on the way I just have to deal with some more issues. But here are a few images of what you can expect. Aside from those a number of bugs where fixed and demolishing objects does work well now. The construction Tooltip has improved. The top white number shows what is already available. The orange number below shows which resources are still missing. The number on the top right shows the remaining minutes in game time but does not take into account multiple workers at once. I will see how this can be solved later on. The Exclamation mark shows issues to tell you when something can't be executed for instance.   The job panel has changed so that you can assign up to 3 jobs for one person. An "Anything" option might be good, too. Cows and merchants are in the making and are to be expected later this year. I will also continue on the Savegames after the next update.
  5. Problem with drinking

    Thank you this is a known issue and will be addressed for the next update.
  6. Development in Fall

    A lot of things have changed in the last weeks. Cows have been implemented and are about to be finished. But before they are available to you I have to complete the roaming merchant so that you can actually trade. This is the only direct way you can get seeds and animals from. I currently improve the grid system. You might noticed that when you place fences the game lacks and I hope that this can be improved a lot by deferring the update process and batch update the grid. The AI will use objects more efficient and should no longer carry around objects which they don't need. Therefore the inventory, except the equipment, will always be empty unless the objects belong to a job. A bug where the AI is stuck at picking up objects shall be fixed. The Job system has changed so that you can define up to 3 jobs for each citizen with decreasing priority. A citizen can also be assigned to do just anything. I am going to wrap up the implementations so that I can finally make an overdue update. Due to the changes and bug fixes the game has to be tested first. Now here are some of the tasks for the coming months: The production system will be optimized. It is a tedious task to issue each item which has to be produced individually especially when the city grows. There will be a replacement for that where you can define globally which items have to be produced with advanced options. Same goes for the cooking process. The current mechanic is a placeholder and the goal is that the citizens will cook for themselves. Your control should be which items and nutrition shall be preferred or not be consumed. When Savegames will come is not clear. Each new feature requires additional work for the Savegame and I want to make it working for the most relevant features. I will assess the Savegame Feature after the current Todo list is done. I am aware that it is of increasing importance with each update. I'd like to have it before Christmas but this is a risky promise
  7. Problem with drinking

    When gather water from the rain after last update using medium and small water collector, if I issue order drink from these collectors, the survivers just come to the collector, but wouldn't drink, so they end up dead, one after another. Even the dogs can't drink from collectors.
  8. Development in Fall

    As you may know the Savegame system is still in development but it is a bigger task and some more features are of equal and even higher importance. I am going to add a wider range of features during fall. Also I will make use of dummy models and graphics more frequently now until they are replaced. I just try to avoid simple grey boxes and such. One of those is a roaming merchant. The issue with it is that the path finding system does not yet support formations so I have to find a simple but solid way to let the merchant walk next to the cart. It is not as easy as it may sound.           Another improvement which has just been made is the optimized pathfinding. This was on the list for a long while and now works great. The units in the game will now walk mostly in straight lines. Another update which is planned soon is animal husbandry. We will start with small animals which can be hold in hutches. These collective hutches have 4 stages and each stage has space for a specific amount of animals. Animals which shall be available are rabbits and chicken. Chicken obviously lay eggs as well. The animals can be bought from the merchant.
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